Program Details

Getting Started

A member of your flight department or staff is required to register for our program. This administrative user will be responsible for adding the tail numbers and types of aircraft you wish to include in the program. The administrative user will also need to add any additional users desired such as pilots and dispatchers. These log in credentials will be automatically generated and emailed to those individuals, inviting them to log in and begin saving money.

Uploading Your Prices

After signing up for a membership with, you will need to import your weekly price files from the contract vendors you do business with. These are the .csv spreadsheets that your vendors can email you on a weekly basis. You will generally need to request these files once and then you'll be on their email distribution list. Some vendors only avail their spreadsheets on their respective websites for download to your desktop, however. The more up to date you keep the files that your vendors provide, the more accurate your quoting and invoicing will be from those vendors.

Planning A Trip

Registered users may log in from our Home Page, select one of their tail numbers from a drop down menu and enter up to 5 airport ICAO's or IATA's at once. Selecting the search button returns all the fuel prices available from the vendors you do business with. For each destination defined, choose the most appropriate deal based on your FBO needs and volume considerations. You may now either print these quotes for planning and/or click the Order Fuel button to send your fueling requests directly to your chosen vendors. Add the dates and times of arrival and departure as well as any additional staff member to carbon copy the fuel release that your vendors will promptly email you.

History And Tracking

User may log in and access their fuel history and vendor activity reports at any time. These reports are helpful in sizing up your fuel vendor effectiveness as well as checking on the participation from your dispatch or pilot group, whomever is responsible for these all important cost saving measures. After a few months of membership in our program, you will begin to compile some history with your price file uploads and therefore gauge the trends in the jet fuel marketplace.

Program Pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of aircraft you choose to include in our program. Only the aircraft registered by the Administrative User may order fuel from our site. For fleets of 1-3 aircraft, our flat price is $125 per month. Each additional 1-3 aircraft, will cost $25 more per month. Therefore, a fleet of 4-6 aircraft would be charged $150 per month. For an additional $25 per month, will receive your weekly price book emails for you at a designated address such as and handle all of the fuel price file uploads for you. You just log in, saving time and money

Free Trial Membership offers a 30 day free trial so that you may try before you buy. Although, we require a credit card at registration, your card will not be charged until 31 days after you register. You may cancel our service at any time prior to the 31st day of membership and there will be no charges at all. If you choose to continue with our program, the first charge you will realize will be for your second month and will automatically renew and charge on each subsequent month thereafter. You may cancel anytime by way of a phone call or email and you will see no more charges to your credit card. Your membership will continue for the remaining term of the last month paid.

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